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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cleaning Forms?
Tested and used successfully by thousands of cleaning service business owners!
The Lone Mopper Store
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Expert Consulting Services

Expert consulting services for your cleaning business at very reasonable rates.

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IRS Tax Workshops--Locally
Small business tax workshops sponsored by the IRS, locally.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

IRS Small Business Updates
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
Does it have an impact on you? Find out with the new IRS video clip on youTube

Do you have employees or subcontractors?

Use the IRS top ten checklist to find out!

Now before you end up owing them even more!,,id=173423,00.html

Self Employed?  what about that Self Employment Tax?

You paying it?,,id=173423,00.html

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February  Membership Newsletter

segura & associates

The Global Cleaners Association, GCA, is proud to announce that Ron Segura, of Segura & Associates will be a regular feature in their secured subscriber area.  Mr. Segura, a 30 year industry veteran and expert consultant will be direct feeding his blog into the secured area as well as being available from time to time to answer questions.  GCA is pleased to offer yet another resource to it's members with the addition of regular, professional advice, pointers and tips from Mr. Segura.


Where are the forms? The Contracts? The Proposal Packages? The Pictures?

Relax, they are all still here, well not really here but in our new location at the Lone Mopper Productions

We've expanded and will be adding additional forms, ebooks, photo's and a whole bunch of free downloads over the next few weeks, check back often. 


Purchase supplies and help people in need.

ICA Supply has joined forces with Algoma Mop to help those in need.  ICA is offering exclusively mop-heads, microfiber rages, microfiber mops and numerous other items manufactured by Algoma Mop.

Algoma Mop is a company that utilizes challenged and handicapped adults to manufacture and ship these products.  All proceeds and earnings help these individuals maintain their life styles and other special needs.  Read all about it here: Algoma Mop Manufacturers.
Help them and get some great products for your business here: ICA Supply Central

Tom McNall Joins GCA
as their Stone & Marble Expert
Long time friend of the Global Cleaners Association and past presenter at their conventions, Tom McNall the reigning champion of stone and marble care has joined GCA as the resident stone care expert.  Read Tom's weekly column on GCA and get answers on questions regarding: stone, marble, granite, ceramic and numerous other floor, counter, wall coverings.

Past editions of the newsletter will be availabe here.