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We recently did some product testing on Z-Tier's Perpetual Shine spray buff.
The VCT floors in the pictures below see a foot traffic of around 65 people a day, the floors we stripped and finished in 2014 and other then daily mopping have had no maintenance or burnishing.  We used a 1500 rpm high speed with the Perpetual Shine.

Floors Before buffing
VCT after buffing with
Perpetual Shine
On Low-Gloss polished cement floors
Work in progress to show before/after
Swept & damp mopped concrete floor
High speed buffed with Perpetual

In the above pictures we have a concrete or cement floor that was diamond grit polished in 2013 to a low gloss finish.
The floors have been machine swept and auto-scrubbed once per month as part of routine maintenance.
The floors have daily traffic of 100+ workers, fork lifts, carts and pallet movers
They wanted to change the area to a product display zone and wanted us to shine it up without using diamond pads or putting down an artificial coating.
We used a red pad on a 1200 rpm high speed and
Perpetual Shine for these results.


" Hey you guys, I wanted to tell you how much the Bid Proposal packaged has helped. I get very positive feedback anytime I get to hand one of those out. Well worth the purchase price. Thanks! "

C. S. P., New Mexico