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Our goal on this page is to show you how to expand your market share, identify new resources and demonstrate different techniques to acquire new business.

Most of us have done the standard marketing:

Sales Letters
Email campaigns
Cold Calling
Newspaper ads

We aren't going to review these, it's been done and we all have the T-shirt.  It's time to look into other venues.

Writing Winning Proposals

Here are some interesting points on
putting together a proposal package
that wins.

Read the tips here:

Gizmo's and Gadgets

Jar openers, bottle openers, letter openers all designed as advertising devices and 'door' openers.
Do they really work?

Sure for name recognition there is nothing like leaving free pens or pencils all over town.  The more people that see your name and keep seeing your name the better and quicker your name gets recognized.

Unique gifts?  Yes those work to but because of the higher cost of say, monogrammed sweatshirts or travel clock/radio's you might want to reduce the targeted market to people who can make a real impact on your business growth.  Giving a monogrammed leather attache case to your dry cleaner may make him real happy but it's not going to land you a $50,000 contract.  But giving him a coffee mug and asking him if you could put another mug on his counter filled with your pens/pencils may get you a ton of new business.

There are tons of different items you can get your ad copy or logo on, choose wisely and try to connect your business to the item.  There is a very sharp business man down in South Carolina, { Hi Drew! }  who has one of the most creative minds that  I have met to date, with the ability to take unusual items and connect them to his business in some way and yes Drew, I still have the X Ray glasses...Cool

Press Releases are a great way to advertise your website, company, blog, company news etc  at very little cost.  Click the link below for more details.

234x60 logo on right and orange

Full Color Brochures from

Who is already reaching your market?

Step 1:
      Is to save yourself some time.  Instead of buying lists or driving around aimlessly making your own lists look at sources that are already reaching your market for you.
A couple of examples:

Coupon mailers
Inserts from local papers
Local Eating guides
Local business papers
Regional business papers

All of these are already deep into your market base residential or commercial.  They already have the lists and know who to send it to.   The costs for including your ad, flyer or insert into one of these is  reduced by both the volume and the shared costs with other advertisers.


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