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Grout Lines!

Are you keeping them clean enough?

The Dual Tool for Grout at ICA Supply Central

Maintaining grout lines is probably one of the biggest challenges faced by general cleaning firms.  You need to keep the lines clean and clear of debris and in their original color.  Customers don’t want to hear about extra charges for bringing in the Turbo Power steam cleaners or grout scrubbing machines, they expect you to maintain these floors and grout lines without additional costs to them.

The answer is at hand and it’s affordable too!  Announcing the Dual Tool, a brush attachment for your mop that does an effective job of maintaining grout lines between machine scrubbings.

We tested these tools on a variety of floors and in a number of different environments from greasy kitchens, oily industrial floors, cafeteria’s with high volume and of course restrooms and locker rooms not only in commercial offices but industrial sites as well.

Performance review:  Outstanding for quickly agitating the grout lines, loosening embedded soils and allowing the mop or wet vacuum to quickly remove the dirt.

Operational notes: We noticed no significant improvement or asset to using these on regular VCT flooring or terrazzo without grout.  Also not recommended for use with regular string mops, use mop heads with the looped ends. The strings on open ended mop heads tend to get caught on the brush when rinsing the mop in the bucket.

Once you get the hang of placing them in the wringer while attached to the mop these tools are fantastic!  It took us a couple of attempts to get the right knack for putting them in the wringer and getting the wringer to squeeze out the mop head effectively but once that was accomplished the cleaning went smoothly.

Pick up your Dual Tools at and remember all GCA members get a discount!

Wet floor with solution
Step 1 for dual tool cleaning
Agitate using the dual tool
step 2 scrub floor/grout
Mop up the dirty solution
step 3 mop it up

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